Mark Zampella in front of a colorful wall.

Mark Zampella is a musician, graphic designer, and filmmaker. And he makes fuzz pedals.

Il Starcana quartetto
 at the hookah lounge

Tone tweaker

I have been fascinated with electronics for as long as I can remember. I can recall disassembling a transistor radio as a kid, just to see what was happening inside. As a teen, I picked up the guitar and almost immediately got a Big Muff. Later, I went to school for audio engineering and learned a bunch of stuff about Ohm’s law and how capacitors work. But I never really used it, professionally at least. I became a recording engineer, operating the gear rather than taking it apart.


Fast forward 30+ years and I am still fascinated with electronics and fuzz pedals. So I made a few.

The Fuzz That Never Was 

Studies using alternative facts and questionable parents show that infants and toddlers exposed to loud, distorted guitar music score higher on general intelligence tests than their boring, uncool peers. Go ahead and leave that stroller near the PA speakers at the next metal festival, or toss a Bluetooth speaker in the crib and crank it up. Kids love fuzz guitars -- the louder, the better!

The Cruel Earth's love of children comes through loud and clear on The Fuzz That Never Was, a book and album that tells the story of Fuzz and his quest for a forever home! Parents and children alike will delight in the magic of fuzz-drenched instrumentals. Pounding, dirty rock 'n' roll with no stupid lyrics (except for the abundantly stupid title track) -- The Fuzz That Never Was is pure joy for fuzz fans of all ages!