Mark Zampella in front of a colorful wall.

Mark Zampella is a filmmaker, graphic designer, and musician.

Il Starcana quartetto
 at the hookah lounge

A couple of Blue Ridge Fuzz pedals


I have been fascinated with electronics for as long as I can remember. I can recall disassembling a transistor radio as a kid, just to see what was happening inside. As a teen, I picked up the guitar and almost immediately got a Big Muff. Later, I went to school for audio engineering and learned a bunch of stuff about Ohm’s law and how capacitors work. But I never really used it, professionally at least. I became a recording engineer, operating the gear rather than taking it apart.


Fast forward 30+ years and I am still fascinated with electronics and fuzz pedals. So I made a few.

The Cruel Earth's latest album, Act Denied, is about the actinides (clever, right?), the strip of 14 elements usually depicted at the bottom of the Periodic Table of Elements. Some say the best is saved for last, and it's hard to argue with this mind-altering song collection. Love, death, sex, and everything -- it's all in this final piece of the 118-song opus that makes up The Cruel Earth's Elements project.

Thank you to all who supported the band during this nearly two-year musical adventure, and enjoy "Act Denied" -- a full-length, 46-minute album!