Mark Zampella in front of a colorful wall.

Mark Zampella is a filmmaker, graphic designer, and musician.

A hypnagogic romp through the park.


Lesa Silvermore and Krystal Grier star in this hypnagogic romp through the park with invisible dogs and a weather cult.



2019 Santiago Independent Film Awards

2019 Miami Underground Film Festival

2019 DUMBO Film Festival
2018 Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival, nominated for Best Music
2018 Miami Independent Film Festival
2018 Denver Underground Film Festival

From yesteryear’s slapstick to tomorrow's lunar colonies, the story of the alkaline earth metals begins inside our bones and the threadbare fabric of our souls. We cannot hide inside calcium shells or behind pretty painted toenails. We are built to break and nowhere is this felt more deeply than on The Cruel Earth’s latest look at the Periodic Table of Elements -- Digging The Alkaline Earth Metals.

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