Mark Zampella in front of a colorful wall.

Mark Zampella is a filmmaker, graphic designer, and musician.

Il Starcana quartetto
 at the hookah lounge

A hypnagogic romp through the park.


Lesa Silvermore and Krystal Grier star in this hypnagogic romp through the park with invisible dogs and a weather cult.



2019 Santiago Independent Film Awards

2019 Miami Underground Film Festival

2019 DUMBO Film Festival
2018 Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival, nominated for Best Music
2018 Miami Independent Film Festival
2018 Denver Underground Film Festival

Silent since its release nearly a century ago, The Epic of Everest, the official documentary of George Mallory and Andrew Irvine's ill-fated 1924 Everest expedition, explodes with dynamic new life on an all-new, all-original soundtrack by The Cruel Earth. The Affair of the Dancing Lamas: The Epic of Everest Original Soundtrack celebrates the courage of Mallory and Irvine, the perseverance of self-funded indie filmmaker Captain John Noel, and the indelible human spirit that drives brave people to climb the cruel earth's highest peak.

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