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One Minute / Sixty Seconds

A 10-part episodic sci-fi/mystery web series involving wormholes, flat-earthers, and nim.

One Minute / Sixty Seconds

One Minute / Sixty Seconds
One Minute / Sixty Seconds | Chapter 1
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One Minute / Sixty Seconds | Chapter 2
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One Minute / Sixty Seconds | Chapter 3
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One Minute / Sixty Seconds | Chapter 4
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One Minute / Sixty Seconds tells the story of Danielle, a woman in search of her missing brother Peter. She arrives in the city where Peter lives and begins her search. On her way to unraveling the mystery of his disappearance, she meets several of Peter’s conspiracy-minded friends. And that’s where another level of the story is revealed.


One Minute / Sixty Seconds examines belief systems and the fact that people often exhibit confirmation bias - they subconsciously choose what to believe and then look for evidence to support it. Is Danielle’s new ally telling the truth? Is his presence at that particular moment just a coincidence? 

Written and Directed by Mark Zampella

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Danielle (Katharina Daue) - Searching for her missing brother Peter. Last heard from him a few weeks ago, goes to the town where he lives to try to locate him.


Theo (Steve McAllister) - Peter’s friend. Helps Danielle in her search. Believes Earth is flat.


Walt (Ed Ericsson) - Theo’s and Peter’s friend. Peter has been spending a lot of time with Walt the past few months.


Alana (Darlene Coleman) - Owns local bookstore. Believes there is a wormhole in a nearby jetty.


Jim (Michael Miller) - Theo’s and Peter’s friend. Also a flat Earther. 


Peter (Ryan O’Neill) - Danielle’s brother. Missing.


Also Starring:

Kaylee Shockley, Rachel O'Neill, Jesse Sage, Eric Scott, Laura Rader, Doctor Nik



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