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the half twin

Written and Directed by Mark Zampella

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A young woman's sense of identity is thrown into question when her father, a victim of early onset dementia, informs her of a long-forgotten family secret. 


Heather Swisher - Anna Carol / Anna Monroe
Ed Ericsson - Thomas Carol
Christina Mason - Doctor Rivette
Lucy Brenner - Trudie
Ben Spooner - Bartender


Mark Zampella - guitar
Fiona Stewart - violin
Paul Louis - bass
Christian Merizalde - drums

The Half Twin Soundtrack
The Half Twin laurels

Official Selection 2015 Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Barcelona Spain
Official Selection 2015 Blow-Up: Chicago International Arthouse Film Fest, Chicago Illinois
Official Selection 2015 Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival, Tampa Florida 
(Nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Florida Film, Winner: Best Supporting Actor - Ed Ericsson)
Official Selection 2015 Innovative Film Festival, Tampa Florida 
(Nominated for Best Short and Best Director / Short)
Official Selection 2015 Miami Independent Film Festival, Miami Florida
Official Selection 2015 Iron Pointe Film Festival, Jacksonville Florida

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